Texas Lightning

Texas Lightning

Dusty Richards

Texas Lightning Texas Lightning

Texas Lightning

Dusty Richards

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*Envío Gratis: El envío es GRATIS en órdenes mayores a ¢35,000, caso contrario es ¢2,800.

2 Horas: Entrega 2 Horas es con Uber Direct en zonas especificas y esta disponible de 8am a 3pm.

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Línea Blanca: Línea blanca y otros productos pesados tienen un costo de envío de ¢10,000 en GAM y ¢25,000 fuera de GAM.

Libros: La mayoría de libros requieren de un proceso de importación y el tiempo de entrega es de 15 a 20 días naturales.

Correos de Costa Rica: En órdenes mayores a ¢35,000, cubrimos el costo del primer Kilo, el Kilo adicional tiene un costo de ¢1,300.

Encomiendas: Las Encomiendas tienen un costo de envío de ¢4,000 y se retiran en la terminal de buses seleccionada.

Fuera del GAM: El tiempo de entrega corresponde al tiempo que demoramos en entregar al servicio de mensajería que seleccionaste.

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Tarjeta Programa Cantidad de Cuotas Cuota
Credomatic Tasa Cero 3 ₡2.860
Credomatic Tasa Cero 6 ₡1.430
Credomatic Tasa Cero 12 ₡715
Credomatic Mini Cuotas 24 ₡504
Credix 0% interés 3 ₡2.860
Credix 0% interés 6 ₡1.430
Credix Cuoticas 24 ₡501
Davivienda Paguitos 0% interés 3 ₡2.860
Davivienda Paguitos 0% interés 6 ₡1.430
Davivienda Paguitos 0% interés 12 ₡715
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The toughest sheriff in Texas is about to meet his match.

Outlawry. Fire. Murder. An arsonist is on the loose in Saddler County, Texas, burning down ranch houses with the families still asleep in their beds-including children. When the local mercantile is set on fire and his town threatened, it's the last straw for Sheriff Dell Hoffman, who sets out on an all-out manhunt to run down the perpetrator. He's joined in the pursuit by young Rose Parsons, a bounty hunter with the temper of an angry badger and the trigger finger to match. She has her own reasons for tracking down the man she's come to call the Fire Starter. Her mother was one of his victims, and Rose has vowed to take his head in for the bounty if it's the last thing she ever does. Together, they set out on a high- stakes, hellbent-for-leather chase across the Staked Plains of the vast Texas Panhandle. But no matter how hard they ride, neither Del nor Rose are able to run the rampaging psychopath to ground.

Desperate to put an end to this fiery trail of destruction and murder, they recruit a posse of the toughest hombres around to lend a hand. It's a rough and rowdy outfit, to be sure, including an Apache tracker, two outlaws, and a few of the toughest lawmen this side of the Red River, but they put their differences aside for the common good. On the vast plains of Texas, though, lighting can strike without warning. Can they run this outlaw to ground before he kills again? Or will he elude them once again and burn down everything they know and love before they can stop him?

Formato Tapa suave
Número de Páginas 206
Lenguaje Inglés
Editorial Galway Press
Fecha de Publicación 2023-03-28
Dimensiones 9.0" x 6.0" x 0.47" pulgadas
Serie The Texas Badge Mysteries
Letra Grande No
Con Ilustraciones No
Temas Country/Cowboy, Oeste de EE.UU.
Acerca del Autor

Brotherton, Velda

Velda Brotherton writes from her home perched on the side of a mountain against the Ozark National Forest. Branded as Sexy, Dark and Gritty, her work embraces the lives of gutsy women and heroes who are strong enough to deserve them. After a stint writing for a New York publisher, she has settled comfortably in with small publishers to produce novels in several genres.

Richards, Dusty

Dusty Richards grew up riding horses and watching his western heroes on the big screen. He even wrote book reports for his classmates, making up westerns since English teachers didn't read that kind of book. His mother, though, didn't want him to be a cowboy, so he went to college, then worked for Tyson Foods and auctioned cattle when he wasn't an anchor on television.His lifelong dream, though, was to write the novels he loved. He sat on the stoop of Zane Grey's cabin and promised he'd one day get published, as well. In 1992, that promise became a reality when his first book, Noble's Way, hit the shelves. In the years since, he's published over 160 more, winning nearly every major award for western literature along the way. His 150th novel, The Mustanger and the Lady, was adapted for the silver screen and released as the motion picture Painted Woman in 2017. In a review for the movie, True West magazine proclaimed Dusty "the greatest living western fiction writer alive." Sadly, Dusty passed away in early 2018, leaving behind a legion of fans and a legacy of western writing that will live on for generations.
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Publicado en Unimart.com: 08/01/24
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Texas Lightning

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Texas Lightning

Texas Lightning

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